Monday, April 19, 2010

New safety label for birth control pills - Bayer to include blood clot risks on Yaz and Yasmin packages

I wanted to post this link because I think this warning helps to highlight the evil behind birth control, which is an intrinsic evil. The culture of death is very self-centered, and is willing not only to put up barriers to new life (contraception), but also destroy it in the womb (abortion), which Fr. John Corapi calls, "the unholy offspring of birth cntrol". The contraceptive mentality is so obstinate, that even with the risk to women's health, contraception is still sought after and practiced. Granted there can be risks involved in legitimate medical treatments, but that's a very different matter. Legitimate medical treatment is ordered toward the preservation and maintainance of a person's health, while contraception is (dis)ordered toward preventing new life, which is not a legitimate medical treatment.

The link follows:

WASHINGTON - Bayer HealthCare said Friday it has added new information about the risks of blood clots to its contraceptive pills Yax and Yasmin.

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