Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Kos Article Says Number of Abortions is 'Too Low,' Doesn't Want Them Rare

April 28 was apparently Abortion Uber Alles day at the liberal Web site Daily Kos. Aimee Thorne-Thomsen of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project stated that the number of women who receive abortions is “too low” in “Keep Abortions Safe and Legal? Yes. Make it Rare? Not the Point.”

To make a few of my own comments about this article, I think it's really disgusting to hear people like Thorne-Thomsen call abortion a matter of "reproductive justice". There is nothing just about killing the innocent.

Thorne-Thomsen talks about "caring for women" when promoting abortion as a right, and yet I wonder if she has talked about the harmful consequences of abortion for the women who get them.

Even secular studies have shown that women who have abortions are more likely to have thoughts of suicide, experience depression, infections, sterility, and even death. Why don't the pro-abortion politicians and Planned-Parenthood and the like talk about these things if they care so much about women?

It's time to realize that women are EXPLOITED by the abortion agenda.

Maybe Thorne-Thomsen and some others "think" they care about women, but if they really care about women, they would ENCOURAGE them to have their babies and not kill them.

The truth is, that it is the PRO-LIFE people who really care about women, as much as the babies in their wombs. It is the Pro-lifers who are there to help pick up the broken pieces of women's lives who have had abortions and suffer the mental, emotional, spiritual trauma that inevitably follows.

Who really cares about someone and encourages them to do something that will most likely cause them to experience long term depression, thoughts of suicide, infection and possibly death? Is that love? Is that caring?

If they aren't aware of these things, why aren't they?

Thorne-Thomsen also said, “Do we dare admit that increasing the number of abortions might be not only good for women’s health, but also moral and just?”

How can anyone think that taking an action that even secular studies have shown to increase rates of suicide, depression, infections, sterility, and even death, is good for women's health? And then to top off witht the absurd notion that increasing the number of abortions is "moral and just". But as I said already, there is nothing just about killing the innocent.

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