Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Boy Survived Abortion, Lived Two Days After Doctors Left Him to Die

A couple of comments on this article. 1) It says that: "A 22-week old disabled boy survived an abortion attempt in southern Italy, but doctors left him to die afterwards and he survived for two days before passing away. The boy's mother was pregnant for the first time but decided to have an abortion after prenatal scans suggested the unborn child was disabled."

As a person with a disability I say, watch out my fellow handicapped brothers and sisters! It's a dangerous thing when disabilities are seen as legitimate reasons for abortions. What does it say about our value as people in the eyes of society? It says we're not worth having around. It's the same kind of eugenics mentality that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood had, who Hitler and his ilk respected.

Disabled or not, there is no legitimate reason for abortion. Every baby has a right to live, even ones conceived in rape. After all, why should a baby have to die for the crime of the man who committed th rape? And many women say the same thing.

Another part of this article states: "Italy's abortion law allows abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in certain cases but it also requires doctors to do all they can to save the life of a baby who survives a botched abortion attempt."

Apparently they think it's ok to kill the baby as long as it's still in the womb, but one outside, suddenly the baby has a right to life. Don't they see they are admitting that the baby is a person even inside the womb? How tragic that people like that are the ones making the laws.

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