Sunday, November 4, 2012

Explosive video indictment of Obama rocks YouTube

See the most devastating, compelling election ad of 2012

In what could be the most stunning video indictment of President Obama and his administration’s policies this election year, a YouTube video reveals the fallout of the “hope” and “change” Obama promised in 2008.

Voter Guides for Elections 2012

Know where the candidates stand!
On Election Day, our country will make critical decisions about the types of leaders we will have for years to come. If you have not been doing so, it is time to begin looking more carefully at the candidates who will be running.

Pro-Life Straight Talk - Election 2012

Fr Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, gives a short, no-nonsense presentation on why it is not morally permissible to vote for pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming election.

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Ten reasons, though not the only reasons, to vote against Obama, and elect Romney:

1. Most Pro-abortion President in our Nation’s History-Obama opposes any restriction on the sacred rite right to abortion. That alone is enough to make him unacceptable to anyone who cherishes the protection of innocent human life.

2. Debt-Obama, in four short years, has run up almost a third of our national debt. He is careening us to national bankruptcy.

3. Lousy Economy-Obama has given us the worst economic recovery in the post World War history of America, a recovery where 23,000,000 Americans are unable to find work.

4. Obamacare-The major initiative of the Obama administration, Obama has given us a national healthcare plan which will drive up costs, vastly increase the control of the government over our daily lives and add to the “entitlement” spending which is the main factor in our out of control Federal spending.

5. HHS Mandate-For the crassest of short-term political gain, Obama decided to give “free” contraception to women, religious liberties of those who oppose it be damned.

6. Gay Marriage-Once again for the crassest of short-term political gain, Obama has called for the redefinition of the institution that is the basic building block of all human society.

7. War With the Catholic Church-Obama understands that the Catholic Church, as traditionally understood, is his mortal enemy on many policy questions. Therefore he has attempted to foster the de facto schism by Catholic liberals in this nation. This goes back to his being honored by Notre Dame in 2009.

8. Benghazi-What can be said bad enough about an administration that allows brave Americans in battle to die without moving Heaven and Earth to bring them military aid? Completely contemptible.

9. Divisive-Since the beginning of his administration Obama has fostered an us v. them mentality rather than attempting to unify the nation. His “voting is the best revenge” comment is typical of his divide and rule strategy when it comes to being President,

10. Obama Cult-I am 55 years old and I have never seen anything on the American political scene like the creepy adoration that his more devoted acolytes give to this man. Obama has actively attempted to foster this cult of personality.

There are many other reasons to vote to make Obama look for new work next January, and please feel free to add to the list in the comboxes: