Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures of 1st Trimester Abortions and more

It is said that America will not rise up against abortion until it is seen for what it is. Since so many tragically accept and support abortion under the guise of "freedom of choice". The question is, freedom to do what? The following link takes you to a page that shows what this so-called choice is about; what it is so many claim the "right" to have to do.

... following are photographs of aborted, first trimester babies sorted by age in weeks.
Click the thumbnails to view them full-size. Many also include a pathologist's medical authentication.


The following link takes you to a page on the same site with more detailed information.


There is also a link where one can hear the partial-birth abortion procedure explained to other abortionists ... You can hear the vacuum and the applause that follows the killing. Can you imagine being at such a place? APPLAUSE?! How does such a monstrosity of an institution exist in our society, or in ANY society??

If America can tolerate the evil of abortion, and the killing of helpless adults like Terri Shiavo who was not dying, then what other evil can be done with legal backing? God save us and the unborn.

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