Tuesday, January 20, 2009

“Abortion Manifesto” ... submitted to the Obama Transition team

I received this email from Priests for Life, written by Fr. Frank Pavone. He said:

Dear Friend,

I’ve sent you this urgent email because a secret plan to impose abortion-on-demand on all Americans has been uncovered.

The secret document I’m talking about is an “Abortion Manifesto” that was submitted to the Obama Transition team. It’s 55 pages long and lists 54 objectives the abortion industry expects Barack Obama to sign off on during his first 100 days in office ... most of which Obama can do using his executive privileges.

Without question this is a nightmare for the unborn and confirms what Priests for Life warned voters would happen if they allowed pro-abortion lawmakers to gain control of the powers of government.

Unfortunately, just as our message was hitting home and people were heeding our warnings, the economy went into a tailspin. So instead of voting their pro-life convictions, tens of millions of people panicked and made a grave mistake. They put economic self-interest above their duty to protect the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life.

The consequence of that terrible decision is the top secret “Abortion Manifesto” document that’s now in the hands of the Obama Transition Team.

I’ve gone through the “Abortion Manifesto” and I can assure you that it is both frightening in its scope and diabolical in its purpose.

... a powerful coalition of 33 rabid pro-abortion groups have signed on to the “Abortion Manifesto” and will spare no expense to see this diabolical agenda passed.

And the current leadership of the “Abortion Congress” will be only too willing to go along.

As will Barack Obama. After all:

  • He voted against legislation that would save the lives of innocent babies who were born alive in botched abortions ... not once but THREE TIMES!!!

  • He promised Planned Parenthood that his first action as President would be to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” – which is on page 15 of the “Abortion Manifesto.”

  • And he is the man Archbishop Charles Chaput calls “the most committed ‘abortion-rights’ presidential candidate of either major party since the Roe v. Wade abortion decision in 1973.”With all that going against them, how will our unborn brothers and sisters survive? Who will protect them? Who will give of themselves and stand up to these pro-abortion extremists?

Fr. Pavone said much more in his letter but these are some highlights I wanted to share. I wonder why Barack Obama vote against legislation that would save the lives of innocent babies who were born alive in botched abortions. I heard him say in a debate that he wouldn't vote for legislation that didn't take into consideration the health of the mother. But I ask: When the baby who is born alive in a "botched abortion" is outside of the mothers womb, and she is still alive... at that point, how does it negatively affect the mother's health to save that baby's life???

In any case though, shouldn't parents be willing to die for their children? But I pose the above question to show how unreasonable the pro-abortion mentality is.

To find out more about Priests for Life go to: www.priestsforlife.org

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