Saturday, November 1, 2008

The horrific reality of abortion. Watch and see.

Those who call themselves pro-choice should know what the choice to have an abortion means, and just what happens to the baby in the mother's womb. If you really don't believe that the babies in the mother's womb are really persons with rights, then you ought not have any problems watching this video of dismembered aborted babies.

If you are Pro-Life, then this will be very difficult to watch, as it was for me. What it shows is worse than any horror movie. It will take courage, but let others see it. It is important that the horrific reality about abortion be known!
Lord have mercy on us all.


Anita said...

Hi George

Thank you so much for this blog.I do enjoy reading the posts and especially the support for the pro life issue

I just this morning noticed that the video on the website no longer works and It looks like the site has moved so I am resending you the new link. Perhaps you can edit or update the original post to show the new link

God Bless You

with love

GeorgeLovingLife said...

Thank you Anita, I appreciate your help and kind comments. I'll make the update :-)