Monday, November 17, 2008

Nazis Killed the Mentally Ill

Remember Terri Shiavo? I do. Many, many others remember her too and we aren't letting her be forgotten. We're not letting what happened to her be forgotten here in our country America, which I love, land of the free whose citizens have the right to "Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness."

Life............the right to life.......... which was taken away from Terri Shiavo.

From an article on the Catholic news site ZENIT there is an interesting and disturbing article you might want to read.

"In October of 1939 Hitler began a euthanasia program with the aim of exterminating the mentally ill and the handicapped. People with mental illnesses and people with handicaps were considered "useless eaters" and "life unworthy of life." The Nazis began the killings with lethal injections and starvation, and went on to killing in gas chambers."

Look at that ... "lethal injection and STARVATION..." Terri Shiavo was not dying. She was severely disabled mentally and physically. In our country, where the right to life is supposedly acknowledged, Terri Shiavo was allowed to be starved to death. A person would probably go to jail for starving a sick animal, but it was allowed for Terri Shiavo.

We need to wake up America, and the rest of the world where such things happen...........look at what's happening. Let's not follow down the road of evil the Nazis did.

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