Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God calls all to repetance. There is hope in His mercy.

Underneath the resistance to admitting that abortion is wrong, is the very reason that it is wrong. People who are pro-abortion say that it is merely a matter of personal liberty that is at issue, but the reality is much more. The reality is about a crime; the crime of murder.

I think perhaps that on a subconscious level pro-abortionists, or some of them, realise that to admit abortion is wrong, is to admit that it is murder, and therefore that they have either committed this crime themselves or have helped others commit it, or simply approved of it.

Uderstandably, no one wants to be guilty of such a crime; no one in their right mind anyway. That's why I think that part of the resistance to admitting to the evil of abortion, is a subconscious awareness of just how serious it is. Often though, people do wrong out of ignorance. The ignorance does not make the wrong acceptable however, and those who have committed wrong are called to repent and seek God's great mercy; remembering that repentance means not only sorrow for sin, but turning away from it.

God's grace can soften hearts and bring to them the awareness of evil and sorrow for, and repentance from sin. But many hearts are hardened and so many people have become so entrenched in the mindset that abortion is merely about individual freedom. To admit they are wrong would perhaps be to abandon not only a comfort zone, but a belief system that they have invested much mental and emotional stock in; an ideology that they have propped themselves up against, and a framework for their idea of freedom and rights that they refuse to abandon. But it is an ideology of death which is maintained at the cost of the lives of millions of babies.

I want to tell people that the prospect of admitting that abortion is an intrinsic evil is not as hopeless for them as they might fear. While abortion is certainly a most grievous sin, it is also true and certain that God is merciful and still loves those who have committed or have helped someone to commit an abortion, or have approved of it. The Lord wants to forgive them, not condemn them. But people must admit and confess the truth in order to receive His steadfast mercy. God can heal them of the inner wounds, though they may not now be aware of these wounds. God is love and is ready to forgive.

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