Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A friend of mine posted this prayer request on facebook regarding an important hearing in the Illinois Supreme Court. The person said:

"I'm in Germany and Austria right now encouraging the activist movement there and things are going great. I can't wait to tell you all about it when I return later this week, but right now I have an urgent request: Please pray TODAY for the Illinois Supreme Court. Tomorrow morning the court is hearing oral arguments in a case called Sandholm v. Kuecker which is closely tied to OUR case, Scheidler v Trombley. Sandholm involves the same "Citizens Participation Act" (CPA) that Planned Parenthood turned UPSIDE-DOWN in my case. Planned Parenthood convinced my judge that the CPA gives them a legal "License to Lie" which *I* have to pay for. They're demanding $494,405 from me and the League! But if the Court rules the right way in Sandholm, Planned Parenthood LOSES their License to Lie, and that outrageous fee demand becomes a DEAD LETTER. And THAT will open the door I've been banging on for 4 years: to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their vicious smear campaign against me and the League and ALL of us pro-lifers. So PLEASE keep the Sandholm case in your prayers. The hearing is tomorrow and a ruling should come early next year. Please also forward this prayer request to ALL your pro-life friends. All of us have a stake in halting Planned Parenthood's attacks on us. With the Lord on our side and the faithful prayers of so many great pro-lifers like you, I know that justice will be done. Yours for Life, -- Eric Eric Scheidler Executive Director Pro-Life Action League Tel: 630-896-1200 Facebook: http://facebook.com/prolifeaction Twitter: http://twitter.com/prolifeaction . . Pro-Life Action League 6160 N Cicero Ave, Ste 600 Chicago, IL 60646, USA "

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