Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fuzzy language - Video: The Truth About the Senate Bill

Hi all,

Please read this brief email I received from Emily Buchanan, Executive Director, Susan B. Anthony List, and see the VIDEO included that helps to further cut through the slick language used to hide abortion funding in health care legislation. Ms. Buchanan writes:


Fuzzy language.

Wild Claims.

And lots of loopholes.

This is what we've been dealing with in the debate on abortion in health care.

We know that part of the strategy of those pushing health care reform is to use vague and confusing language to pass the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe.

Take a look at Marjorie's most recent video ( to see exactly how they are doing that in the Senate.

Then forward the video to your friends and family to encourage them to take action.

We can't let Congress sneak taxpayer funded abortions into health care with fuzzy language.

Emily Buchanan
Executive Director, Susan B. Anthony List

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