Monday, May 11, 2009

Accomplices in Incest

Some people think that incest is an acceptable situaiton in which an abortion can be gotten. But listen to the testimonies of women who have exprienced such terrible things. Whether they consented or not, abortion hurts women, and those who are in favor of a woman's "right" to choose don't seem to realise that their position is the one of the most anti-woman choices there is in the world.

This woman gives a testimony about an abortion she was forced to undergo as a result of her father's incestual assualt on her, and his subsequent, brutal and selfish decision to force an abortion on her against her will. She says:

Within one hour, this man arrived at the hospital, talked with my parents and decided to do the abortion, without speaking to me. I refused and tried to get off the examining table. He then asked three nurses to hold me while he strapped me to the bed and injected me with a muscle relaxant to keep me from struggling while he prepared to kill my baby.

The trauma of the rape and abuse were only intensified by the abortion.

Why do even pro-lifers talk about making exceptions for abortion in cases of rape and incest as if that is a way to have "compassion" for the mother?

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